Biak Na Bato National Park is located in barangay San Miguel, in the province of Bulacan, and has become a popular tourist destination attracting families who are looking for a refreshing summer retreat. The park offers some pleasant hiking trails, waterfalls and hundreds of caves to explore. It is impossible to visit all the caves in one day, but it is worth giving it a try!

The park is 2,117 hectares in area and is a protected area of ecological importance. There are many well-formed trails that lead into the broad network of caves, with some stunning rock formations on display. The most famous of these caves is Emilio Aguinaldo’s headquarters, which was used as a hiding place during the World War II.

Situated in the Sierra Madre mountain range, there is plenty of lush forest to enjoy. The park is mostly flat so isn’t super challenging from a hiking perspective. Some of the caves can be fairly difficult to negotiate, but overall, it makes for a pleasant days walking. There is some kiosks there selling some basic snacks and drinks, but I recommend to pack a nice picnic lunch to enjoy during your stay.

Biak Na Bato is a very different type of experience from most of the places I have been to on the outskirts of metro Manila. It is fairly well organised and there is quite a lot to explore and enjoy and easily fills up a whole day. I fully recommend a visit here.


Welcome sign at the entrance of Biak Na Bato. The local authorities have done a good job of keeping the area clean and relatively orderly amidst the usual chaos of the Philippines.


One of the many caves at Biak Na Bato. These amazing formations look like they have been carved by hand.


Balaong River runs through the middle of the national park and makes for a peaceful setting and a great bathing place for the local Caribaos!


An underground stream off the Tawa Trail runs into a massive cave system which makes you feel like an ant.


This cave was also off the Tawa Trail and is one of the biggest caves I have ever been in. The sheer size was an amazing, jaw-dropping experience.


Another one of the caves that make up the mouth of the underground stream coming off Balaong River.


There is an entry fee of P30 and you will require a guide which will set you back about P200.

How to get there

Biak Na Bato is located about 100kms from Makati and takes about 3.5 hours via the NLEX. There is signage for San Miguel and there is also signage for Biak Na Bato.

From SM North EDSA in Quezon City, you can take a bus to San Miguel in Bulucan and ask to be dropped off at the park main entrance. Cost is about P800. You then need to take a tricycle to the registration area which is only a short ride.

Dezza´s Tip

Although only 100kms from Makati, the road to reach Biak Na Bato goes through a couple small towns on the way and can be heavily congested with traffic. My advice, if coming from Makati, is to leave at the crack of dawn to try and beat the traffic.