Pantihan Falls

Pantihan Falls Is So Much Fun!

Pantihan (Balayungan) Falls, is located less than 10kms from Malibic-libic Falls,  in Maragondon Cavite. This this is not the easiest place to find. However, there is no hiking required once you find the entry point.

There are actually two separate sections for Pantihan Falls. If you miss the main entrance gate, you will end up a little bit further down the river.

This is where there are a number of nipa huts/cottages scattered along the riverside. This is where the locals sit around and enjoy drinking brandy shots and singing karaoke.

You are unable to hike to the waterfall from this trail unless you want to walk in the river, which is only knee deep. From there, it is suggested to head up to the top of the falls.

A great place to relax

This is a bit more like a Pinoy style inland resort. You shouldn’t really miss the entrance for this although we did, as there is very little signage. However, there is a long white fence which is fairly visible as you drive by.

You will inevitably need to stop and ask for directions from locals. Once inside, there are a number of nipa huts/cottages in which you can hire and relax, making it more like a picnic area.

I’m not exactly sure where the source of the water comes from however, the flow of the water has been controlled to form a waterfall at the top of a cliff.

What makes waterfall so unique is that you can actually sit at the top of the waterfall and have the water cascading down on top of you.

Where are all the foreigners?

As usual, I didn’t see any foreigners there and it is very much a local place, but that is a good thing. The locals here love to see foreigners and you get looked after very well.

From what I heard, this is actually a privately owned area and is owned by a Dutch guy. So it is relatively safe but still very much a local place. This really is a great experience in which you can enjoy for the whole day if you wish.

Costs: P50/person plus P500 if you want to hire a cottage/kubo.

Dezza´s Tip

Dezza’s Tip: I would suggest to tie this in with a visit to Malibic-libic Falls. Malibic-libic Falls is actually a hike and takes about half a day if you stop for a swim and a picnic.

After that, you can head to Pantihan Falls for the afternoon or you can have your picnic lunch there after visiting Malibic-libic Falls.