Mabilicbilic Falls

Malibiclibic Falls A Hidden Gem Near Manila

Located in barangay Lumipa, in Bailen, Maragondon Cavite, this is not the easiest place to find. There is absolutely no signage. However, with Google maps and the knowledge of locals, you should be able to find this place.

It starts off with finding the local barangay registration area. Once you register you will be assigned with one of the local guides.  They will take you to the trail that leads to the waterfall. This is only about a 5-10 minute drive.

If you don’t have one of the local guides with you, it is almost impossible to find this place and you will get lost. Once you locate the trail, it takes approximately 20 minutes to hike to the waterfall.

Enjoyable hike that isn’t too hard

There is a reasonably well-established trail so I don’t consider it a vigorous hike. However, there are a couple of difficult passages along the way in which you need to negotiate.

When we went there, we were the only people there. There weren’t even any locals. This is a stunning area and something that really surprised me about Cavite.

Cavite is not necessarily renowned for waterfalls but this waterfall is very unique. In some respects, it reminds me of the Grand Canyon in the US.

Considering that it takes less than two hours to get there from Manila to me it is a no-brainer to visit this place. It is not crowded with people at all so you really get to enjoy the serenity.

Where are the tourists?

As a matter of fact, there are virtually no tourists at all, not even foreigners. This is actually a place in which you can take a relatively easy hike with your family, particularly if your children are teenagers.

The hike itself is not too difficult however, as you get closer to the waterfall, there are some tricky rock formations to negotiate which might not be suitable for younger children.

However, if you plan things properly, you can enjoy this place all to yourself if you are looking to get out of Manila for a day to relax. Pack a picnic lunch, grab your swimmers and a couple of towels, and away you go!

Costs: P20/person to register and a tip for the guide (P500 is acceptable).

Dezza´s Tip

Dezzas Tip: As mentioned, you really need to find the registration area at Poblacion III Brgy. Hall, Ge. Emilio Aguinaldo, Cavite, Bailen as a starting point or you will get lost. You will be assigned with a guide from there which makes things so much easier.

Take a towel, swimmers and a picnic lunch and you can have a great day relaxing. You can also tie this in with a visit to Pantihan Falls.