Lio Beach Resort A True Paradise

Lio Beach Resort (also known as Lio Tourism Estate) is an Ayala development and is one of the more unique resorts in El Nido.

With amazing limestone cliffs that are synonymous with El Nido as a backdrop and beautiful 4-kilometre long white sand beach, this exclusive resort has everything you could possibly want.

There is a multitude of things to see and do here. There is no shortage of accommodation options with no less than 5 hotels available within the community (Hotel Covo, Balai Adlao, El Nido Cove, Seda Lio and Casa Kalaw).

When it comes to activities, there is no shortage of options there either.

With about a dozen bars and restaurants, a few boutiques, a spa as well as plenty of outdoor activities that include kayaking, paddle boarding, beach volleyball and windsurfing to name a few, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Lio Beach Resort Is Eco-Friendly

Eco-tourism is at the forefront of the development. This means only 55% of the whole estate is to be developed with the rest set aside for nature reserves.

Of the developed portions, it is beautifully landscaped taking advantage of the amazing natural surrounds. With the health and fitness being the theme, there is lots of open space.

Each of the hotels has a unique native look and feel to it which adds to the cultural vibe of the place. As the resort faces west you also get a full view of the sunsets.

You can enjoy this from the beach or from the awesome jetty that stretches out into the bay. The amazing limestone formations in the water form an awesome silhouette as the sunset paints the sky all shades of red, pink and orange.

The best part about Lio Beach Resort is that the El Nido airport is literally only a 5 minutes ride away making it very convenient to get to. El Nido town proper is then about another 15-20 minutes south.

If you did just want to visit for lunch or dinner, or to partake in the myriad of recreational activities, you can do this also. This really is a place you should check out if you’re in El Nido. 

You can also check out my Vlog which will give you a real good look and feel for the place.

Lio Beach Resort El Nido Palawan

Lio Beach Resort front and centre as seen from the air.

Lio Beach Resort El Nido Palawan

Four kilometres of powdery white sand is what you will find at Lio Beach Resort

Lio Beach Resort El Nido Palawan

Epic sunset with the jetty in the foreground.

Lio Beach Resort El Nido Palawan

Such a serene setting with the water quietly lapping up onto the sand

Please check out my vlog below of this awesome resort in El Nido!

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How to get there

Air Swift fly direct from Manila to El Nido and operate about 5 flights daily. Alternatively, Philippine Airlines (PAL) to fly to Puerto Princesa two times daily. Each flight is approximately 50 minutes.

The direct flights to El Nido aren’t cheap but when you consider you are only about 5-10 mins from the airport to Lio Beach Resort, it’s not about the price, it’s about the value for money. If you fly to Puerto Princesa, the cost of the flight might be less, but you still need to pay to get to El Nido and it can take 5-6 hours of travel by van. It depends on what you consider value for money, but there a few options you can choose from.

Lio Beach is only a 5-10 minutes tricycle ride from El Nido airport and will only cost about P50-100.

Dezza´s Tip

Considering El Nido Airport is so close to Lio Beach Resort, it would well be worth even just visiting the resort for a meal and to check the place out. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and the food is good, so it’s well worth a quick visit.