Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay Island Is A True Paradise

Boracay Island Philippines – well, what can I say about this amazing place? I don’t need to say much as the place sells itself.

Boracay is a seven-kilometre-long island and is the absolute epitome of a tropical paradise with its powdery white sand beaches, unbelievable sunsets, swaying coconut palms and turquoise blue water.

It is one of the most romantic places in the Philippines. Boracay’s location is just 2 km’s off the northwest tip of Panay Island. It’s much easier to get to than years gone by which means Boracay tourism is now at an all-time high.

The tiny island has received a multitude of awards from a number of travel publications. In 2016, Boracay Island Philippines was awarded as the best island in the world in the readers choice awards.

This is an annual award from the highly respected international travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler. Boracay just pipped Palawan who came in second place.  Some of the best resorts in the Philippines can be found in Boracay.

Boracay White Beach Voted The Best In The World

White Beach, on the western side of the island, is the main tourist beach. It is approximately four kilometres long and is where most of the action happens.

Boracay White Beach hotels and resorts offer a wide variety of places to stay in. Everyone is catered to from five-star hotels, through to backpackers. If you go in the low season, you can come across some great rates.

There are a number of other Boracay Island hotels that offer options aside from the White Beach area. There are places to stay at Cagban Beach, Diniwid Beach and Puka Shell Beach.

Cagban is fairly popular as this is close to the jetty when you come across on the boat from Caticlan. Diniwid Beach and Puka Shell Beach are both located at the northern end of the island and offer more privacy.

They are also located close to the golf course for the keen golfers. On the eastern side of the island, you will find Bulabog Beach.

This isn’t quite as popular with the tourists. Being on the east coast of the island, it is a little more exposed to the elements.

This means the seas aren’t quite as serene and therefore, there isn’t as much action from a tourism perspective. However, this does make for a nice private getaway if that is what you feel like.

Although the beaches in these areas aren’t quite as pristine as the White Beach area, they are still among the best in the country.

Boracay Island Things To Do

If you are wondering what to do in Boracay, don’t fret. There are numerous activities in Boracay ranging from various water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, through to golf or of course, just chillaxing on the beach with a cocktail (my favourite activity).

I have several expat friends who have been married in Boracay who say its the best place for weddings in the Philippines. Via various social media feeds, I have seen many more locals say the same thing.

It really is an ideal location for weddings and there are a number of resorts that are more than accommodating when it comes to hosting weddings.

Needless to say, if you do have a wedding there, you don’t have far to go enjoy a Philippines honeymoon! There are plenty of honeymoon resorts to choose from. There would be no reason to leave in a hurry, that’s for sure!

Even if you don’t get married in Boracay, don’t worry. It also one of the best places for honeymoons too!

Choose Your Times Of Year Carefully

Boracay Island has changed a lot from when I first went there in 1997. There has been an explosion of not just tourists, but businesses also, mostly in the form of resorts/hotels.

You will find plenty of places that cater to entertainment including restaurants, bars, nightclubs such as Club Paraw (party central) and other tourism-related businesses.

Boracay’s points of interest have grown exponentially as it caters for the demand. Personally, I find White Beach to be overcrowded with party-goers at certain times of the year.

Easter and Christmas can get very crowded, which can be a little overwhelming but other than that, it’s fine. Either way, Boracay is a great place for everyone – singles, couples, and families.

Boracay activities packages are easy to find on the internet. There is no shortage of options for exciting activities to keep you and your family occupied.

There is absolutely no disputing that the 4 kilometre stretch of white beach is unrivalled for splendour not just in the Philippines, but almost any country in the world. The people have voted!

Boracay Island Philippines white sand beach

Enjoying the white sand beach along the area known as Station 3, a popular part of Boracay for tourists with many bars, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

boracay island philippines overlooking Diniwid Beach

Postcard views to rival the Caribbean. An elevated shot overlooking Diniwid Beach at the northern end of the island.

boracay island philippines boracay things to do

Sitting back and enjoying a cocktail in one of the many bars along Station 2, the central area of White Beach.

boracay island philippines sunset near boracay beach club

With white beach facing westward, you don’t get too much better sunsets than at Boracay.

How to get there

There are two ways to get to Boracay – either via Kalibo International Airport or Caticlan Airport.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) fly to Kalibo from Manila 3 times daily and to Caticlan from Manila ten times daily. The flight takes approximately one hour.

From Kalibo, it is approximately 70 kms (approximately a two hour bus ride) to the Catliclan Jetty Port in Malay. From Caticlan Airport, it’s less than one kilometer to Catliclan Jetty Port, and takes only a few minutes in a tricycle.

Boracay Island is approximately 2 kms (less than thirty minutes) from Caticlan Jetty Port and can be reached via boat. Boats from Caticlan travel regularly across the strait.

Dezza´s Tip

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are two times of the year when Boracay is absolutely packed with local and foreign tourists – Easter and Christmas. If you want to party into the night and share the beach with literally thousands of people, then this is the time of year to go. If you prefer to chill out and relax on the beach a bit more, you may wanna consider going in February or March. This is also the best time of year weather wise.

One last thing – it’s much better to fly into Caticlan if possible.