rockwell makati philippines

Turning The Old Into The New At Rockwell

Rockwell Center is a high-end modern development in the northern part of Makati. It comprises of residential apartments, office buildings and a shopping mall. It even has a law and business school.

Rockwell used to be a thermal plant, which was closed in 1994. In 1998, development of the current complex began and even until now, is still continuing. The centrepiece of this development is the four-story Shopping Mall called Powerplant, named after the thermal plant that used to occupy the area. Powerplant has dozens of cafes and restaurants, retail stores, cinemas and a supermarket.

Rockwell has become a very popular location for expats to live. This is due to the fact that the complex contains everything you need. If you also work in the area, there is no need to really travel anywhere as everything is within walking distance. It sits just on the fringes of the Makati CBD so is very accessible. It is also with walking distance from some of Makati’s iconic locations such as Ayala Triangle and Greenbelt.

rockwell makati philippines

A view from inside Powerplant Mall. A state of the art shopping mall with high-end retail shops, restaurants, cinemas – it has it all.

rockwell makati philippines

During the festive season, Rockwell takes on a whole new look. The trees become entwined with lights making for a wonderful spectacle.

rockwell makati philippines

These palms trees look more like fireworks going off with the buildings superbly lit in the background.

rockwell makati philippines

Rockwell is a magical looking place in the evening. The skyline takes on a whole new look.

How to get there

Rockwell is within walking distance from central Makati, but you could also take Uber or a cab there for less than P100.

Dezza´s Tip

If you go there during the festive months of November/December, Rockwell is a very pretty place to visit and enjoy a nice wine or two outside along Lopez Dve, whilst relaxing with all the glittery Christmas lighting.