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Is Greenbelt Really Manila?

Greenbelt (Ayala Center) is located in the Makati CBD, and is a mix of exclusive high-end retail shops and restaurants, as well as movie cinemas, bars and other forms of entertainment. The entire area features five sections with a large outdoor park in the middle. For me, this park is the absolute showcase for this amazing mall.

So often when I’m walking around Greenbelt Park, or dining Al Fresco style in any of the outdoor restaurants, it’s really hard to believe that you are smack bang in the middle of the city. You really could be anywhere in the world from Brisbane to Singapore, from Barcelona to Havana. The beautiful park is full of massive mangrove trees, palm trees, rock ponds and fountains. It is such a tranquil and peaceful setting.

Greenbelt – a world class mall

This whole area has gone through a massive transformation in the time I’ve been living here. It has become a world-class mall and as such, has won several awards. This is a place well worth visiting for a nice meal, shopping, or having a nice relaxing drink in one of the many bars and restaurants. Ayala Triangle is also only a five-minute walk away and is also well worth visiting. There is also Glorietta Mall just across the road. This is a monstrous indoor mall that also has everything you could ever need from restaurants and cafes, through to cinemas and retail outlets.

greenbelt 3 makati philippines

Vines hang down from the mangrove trees in Greenbelt Park, with some majestic tree ferns below.

Greenbelt 3 at night time during Chinese New Year

Greenbelt 3 at night time during Chinese New Year. Dozens of umbrellas hang from the palm trees – a very magical scene.

Greenbelt 3 looking across the Park towards Greenbelt 5.

A view from the second first level of Greenbelt 3, looking across the Park towards Greenbelt 5.

greenbelt makati philippines

A tranquil fountain makes for a relaxing lunchtime for those that work nearby. It’s a nice place if you want to escape the stresses of the office.

How to get there

Greenbelt is smack bang in the middle of Makati CBD and is within walking distance of just about anywhere in Makati. If not, there are plenty of taxis around the area to get you there. All taxi drivers know where it is.

Dezza´s Tip

At Greenbelt 3, there is a contemporary Thai restaurant called People’s Palace which is extremely popular, very reasonably priced and is a must try. Thirty metres away from People’s Palace is Café Havana, a Cuban themed restaurant with great live Latin music of an evening and a very festive-feeling, Al Fresco atmosphere.