Kabankalan City is classified as a first class city and is situated about halfway between Bacolod and Damuguete, on the western coast of Negros Occidental. Kabankalan is about two thirds of the way from Bacolod to Sipalay and as a result, we often used to stop off for lunch on the way to Sipalay at Perico’s, a quirky (formerly) Portuguese style restaurant on the main highway.

Aside from these stopovers, I had not really thought too much about Kabankalan as a tourist destination until my boss asked me to investigate the area further, in search of possible accommodation options for out-of-town guests, due to the fact we had a project in nearby Sipalay.

Subsequently, through the help of my local connections, I came across Balicaocao Resort, nestled up in the mountains overlooking Kabankalan City and the Sulu Sea. Upon some further investigation, we stumbled across Mag-aso Falls.

There were two things that immediately struck me – the color of the water in the basin that the water fell into was an amazing turquoise color, unlike anything I had seen before and secondly, the waterfall itself had three distinct, very gentle, flowing falls. Would you make a special trip to Kabankalan just to visit Mag-aso Falls? No, you wouldn’t. However, if you were travelling along the west coast of Negros, had your own vehicle, and had a couple of hours up your sleeve, I would recommend it for sure!


Mag-aso Falls is so very tranquil with an amazing ambience and three distinct falls in one. The turquoise color of the water was amazing.


A photo of me at Mag-aso Falls before the selfie phenomena.


Where the river flows from Mag-aso Falls, so very natural and unspoilt. I wasn’t able to spend as much time here as I would’ve liked, but it was still a great experience.

How to get there

Philippine Airlines (PAL) fly to Bacolod from Manila daily five times a day with the flight taking approximately one hour, and they also fly to Dumaguete from Manila twice daily with the flight taking just over one hour.


Kabankalan City is approximately 100kms from Bacolod (2.5 hours via car) and 115kms from Dumaguete (2.5 hours via car).

Ceres Bus Lines depart from Bacolod and Dumaguete and pass through Kabankalan, departing hourly. Fare one way is less then P300 and takes about 4 hours from Bacolod. Bacolod is closer to Kabankalan than Dumaguete.

From Kabankalan City, Balicaocao Resort and Mag-aso Falls are approximately 20 minutes by car, and 30 minutes by tricycle (or “habal habal” motorbike).

Dezza´s Tip

If you were to visit Mag-aso Falls, it would be worthwhile to stay at Balicaocao Resort even just for a night, if you were doing a road trip along the western coast of Negros Occidental. I wouldn’t recommend to specifically visit there unless you had other plans in Negros.