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Cavite Province Has Historical Significance

Cavite province is located on the doorstep of Manila in the Calabarzon Region and is the most populated province in the entire country with close to 4 million people.

It is mostly an industrialized area with tax exemptions given to foreign companies who set up their operations there.

Cavite is well known for its connection to the Philippine revolution in 1898. This historic event saw the removal of Spanish colonial control.

As a result of this, Cavite is commonly regarded as the “Historic Capital of the Philippines”. It is also home to a historical port area which connected Asia to the New World.

What is there to see in Cavite?

I have driven through Cavite on numerous occasions and have never really considered it to be a tourist destination, particularly with foreigners.

There are a number of small resorts geared towards locals but are not necessarily up to tourist standards. However, there are a couple of places around the municipality of Ternate that are worth checking out.

They provide somewhere to get you away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, without needing to plan for weeks ahead. You can literally pack up and head down there at a moments notice.

So when you take into consideration the historical landmarks, some of the local resorts, a handful of waterfalls and hiking trails, and its proximity to Metro Manila, Cavite isn’t a bad option if you don’t have the time or budget to get too far out of Manila.

As mentioned earlier, traffic can be a concern. However, if you time your run, you can minimise the impact of the traffic.

What does the future hold?

Cavite is a rapidly developing area. There will no doubt be international class resorts popping up in the near future.

Cavite will also be the site for a new second airport in Manila which is targeted to be completed by around 2025. So there is definitely a need to keep Cavite on the radar as a potential weekend getaway close to Manila.

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