Batangas Province

Batangas province has lots of coastline. In fact, three-quarters of the province, the southern, eastern and western portions are all coastal. This means that there is some amazing beaches and also some spectacular rock formations and cliffs. You can reach the southernmost part of Batangas province in less than a few hours.

The eastern coast of Batangas has some amazing beaches particularly in the area of San Juan and Laiya. There is actually a stretch of 10-15 kilometres in which there are over a dozen beach resorts that are great for a quick weekend getaway or even just a day trip.

On the Western coast, there is the Nasugbu, which is a very popular location for those with holiday houses. Places such as Punta Feugo, Tali Beach, and Maya Maya very popular holiday house locations. Then there is a hidden gem, Calayo, which has one of the best beaches close to Manila.

You also have the inland area of Tagaytay which has some spectacular mountains and his home to the Philippines second most active volcano, Taal volcano, which is located inside a lake. This a very popular location for day trips out of Manila and due to the altitude, the air is a bit cooler and very fresh. There is also a Residence Inn ZooSky Ranch amusement park and People’s Park which are also popular tourist attractions.

With the province being almost totally surrounded by water, there are some fantastic water activities including boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. So if you love beaches and water activities, then Batangas province is the place for you!