Sipalay City Is A Beautiful Place

Sipalay City remains, to this day, arguably the best place I have been to in the Philippines. Sipalay has a very diverse landscape showcasing white sand beaches, limestone karsts, turquoise blue water, lagoons, tributaries, islets, mangroves, limestone islets, caves (above and underground) and most notably, very friendly locals.

Sipalay is a fourth class city with a population of about 70,000 people, broken up into seventeen Barangays. Most of the Barangays are basically just small villages, but the people are so friendly and laid back.

Best sunsets in Sipalay

The downtown area of Sipalay in Barangay I is known as Poblacion and is a lively area with several restaurant cum karaoke bars known as Sipalay Food Park, lined up along the white sand beach. It’s so relaxing to sit there having a meal with a couple of quiet drinks, overlooking the Sulu Sea and the accompanying sunsets. You score bonus points with the locals if you know a few karaoke songs too!

Poblacion is not really geared up for foreigners, with hardly any decent accommodation, and the food is very much local standard. They don’t even have a McDonald’s or Jollibee there! However, there is plenty of fresh seafood and street barbecues for those that wish to partake of the local fair. With all the awesome natural surroundings, who cares anyway!

Fishing at Poblacion Beach SipalayThe daily catch at Poblacion beach. I used to go for morning walks and stop to watch the fisherman drunkenly sort out their catch whilst sipping the local rum – at sunrise! For them, it was the end of their day but for me, it was the start.

Poblacion Beach SipalayPoblacion Beach – easily the best suburban beach I have seen in the Philippines. It’s not very often you can draw a cow to the beach for a feed!

Glorious sunset at Poblacion Beach SipalayGlorious sunset at Poblacion Beach, overlooking the Sulu Sea. Many a beer has gone down here, along with the sun.

Sipalay City localsMixing with the locals at Poblacion Beach. I was always popular as the only “white” guy in town (except when I was sunburnt).

typical backstreets in Sipalay CityOne of the typical backstreets in Sipalay City with the beach right at the end of the street. The simplicity in which these people live challenges your very existence.

DSC06287Entrance to Mamara Cave – only about a fifteen-minute drive from Sipalay town centre. During the wet season, a river flows from the mouth of this cave.


Sipalay Binutusan Underground CaveEntrance to Binutusan Underground Cave – about a ten-minute drive from Sipalay town centre. The entrance is basically a hole next to the side of the road and if you didn’t know where it was, you would drive straight past it.

Sipalay cavesFlowstones inside Binutusan Underground Cave. You basically need to crawl the whole way through this cave but it’s worth it to see the amazing rock formations.

How to get there

Philippine Airlines (PAL) fly to Bacolod from Manila daily five times a day with the flight taking approximately one hour, and they also fly to Dumaguete from Manila twice daily with the flight taking just over one hour.

Sipalay is approximately 175kms from Bacolod (four hours via car) and 170kms from Dumaguete (3.5 hours via car).

Ceres Bus Lines depart from Bacolod and Dumaguete and pass through Sipalay City, departing hourly. Fare one way is less then P300 and takes about 5 hours from Bacolod and Dumaguete, as Sipalay is almost exactly in between these two cities.

Dezza´s Tip

Must see places in Sipalay are Binutusan Underground Cave, Mamara Cave, Poblacion Beach and the limestone islets, Taquilla (Hi-Jo) Resort, Punta Ballo, Campomones Bay, Balanban Point and Sugar Beach.