Why start a Philippines travel blog?

There is a staggering amount of travel blogs on the internet. One estimate puts the numbers at more than 1.2 million. That is a lot of travel blogs! So why did I decide to start a Philippines travel blog?

The answer is quite simple – the Philippines! Out of all these blogs and websites, you have ended up on my website because, like me, you also have an interest in the Philippines.

What that interest is, I don’t know exactly.

It could be that you are searching for destinations in the Philippines in which to travel? You might be looking for day trips close to Manila?

You might be wanting to understand more about the people and the culture? Maybe it’s your first time travelling to the Philippines and you’re looking for some guidance?

You might be an expat living here who wants to break out of the expat bubble and try something different? Whatever your interest in the Philippines is, I’m certain I can help you out and provide the answers for you.

So what actually makes my travel blog different to the rest? There are several reasons that will separate my travel blog from the rest:

My topic – the Philippines is a much-maligned and often misunderstood country. It is a country of paradoxes that has the capacity to polarize people and opinions.

However, among all this hullabaloo, people lose sight of two very important things – the Filipino people and the amazingly beautiful country they live in.

This is why I started my Philippines travel blog, as this country is a very interesting place to write about. This is even more so from the viewpoint of an expat who has been living in the Philippines since 2003.

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My passion – as mentioned in the previous paragraph, I have been living here since 2003. I first visited the Philippines way back in 1997.

From the moment I first set foot in the country, I fell in love with the people and the place. In my opinion, Filipinos are among the warmest and friendliest people on the planet.

They are always full of smiles and are always happy to see you, particularly if you are a foreigner as you do stand out a bit from the crowd.

My experiences – there are 81 provinces in the Philippines. Filipinos say that if you want to genuinely experience the Philippines, you need to travel to all 81 provinces.

I haven’t quite made it to all 81, but I have experienced close to 50. This is a lot more than most of the expats and even locals that live here, and obviously much more than the average tourist.

I have been very fortunate to have travelled to some unbelievable places in the Philippines, a lot of which are off the beaten track. As a matter of fact, that’s the way I like it.

I really enjoy exploring places that are undeveloped, and still, maintain their raw beauty and charm.

My content – based on my experiences travelling all over the Philippines, I would like to share this with the world through my Philippines travel blog.

I want everybody to come to know the Philippines through the eyes of an expat who travels off the beaten track. Therefore, that will be the basis of my content.

I want my content to be entertaining, engaging and interesting. I want to interact with my audience to help them understand more about this amazing country.

Guest bloggers will also be contributing to my travel blog from time to time. This will add another perspective to my content.

These contributors could be other expats that live here, tourists, family or friends.

My vision – there are millions of travel bloggers who are travelling the world, blogging about the various countries they have been to.

I myself have also been to nearly 30 countries around the world but still, consider the Philippines my favourite.

Maybe I’m a little bias, but I still feel the country has so much to offer in so many different ways. The people, the culture, and the amazing landscape are among the best in the world.

Through my Philippines travel blog, it is my vision and purpose to bring more awareness of the Philippines, and share it with the rest of the world.

When you find something good, you naturally want to share it and that’s what I will continue to do via this website. 

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