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Written by Dezza, 29 November 2017.

Are you looking for a romantic getaway near Manila? Are you looking for somewhere different to take the family? If so, please continue reading below.

In last week’s blog, we talked about the fourth Deztiki Tour. As we were looking for something different we ended up in Biak na Bato National Park in Bulacan. It was a good day’s hike without being too vigorous.

With Deztiki Tours now receiving a lot of interest, it was time to think about some Philippines destinations that were different. We had done waterfalls. We had done caves and we had done volcanoes.

What we needed was something different. Then I remembered somebody mentioned to me one day about a place called Hidden Valley Springs Resort.

Like a lot of time when I’m speaking to people, they mention certain places and I forget to write them down. I have now got into the habit of doing this but Hidden Valley Springs Laguna slipped under my radar.

Then one day as I was driving down through Alaminos in Laguna, I remember seeing a road sign pointing to Hidden Valley Springs. It was then that I was thinking maybe they are the natural springs that my friend was talking about.

I remember he said this was one of the best places in the Philippines, so I did some research on this. What I found out blew my mind!

Relaxing Day Trip Close To Manila

As a result, I thought this would be a good place to go. It wasn’t really like the other Deztiki Tours of the previous four weeks as it was more of a resort, not a hiking place.

However, it was very appealing for a relaxing day doing something different. I thought it would be worthwhile giving it a try considering its only about two hours driving distance from Manila.

This time around we didn’t get quite as much interest as the previous Deztiki Tours for various reason. This didn’t really bother us.

After the debacle we had with people cancelling on us for the last trip, we were happy to avoid any inconvenience. At least this time there was only nine of us sorry it was a comfortable trip with two cars.

Hidden Valley Springs Resort main pool

I couldn’t believe this when I saw it. One of the most amazing natural pools I have seen.

Hidden Valley Springs Resort is totally different from the other the Deztiki Tours we had done. This was a private resort set in the foothills of Mt. Makiling.

There is actually a hot spring in which the waters of Mt. Makiling actually flow into. According to local folklore, there is some special significance with the water in this area. Apparently, the water has some sort of healing power.

As a result, you do happen to find a lot of elderly people that are trying to heal certain afflictions or even trying to reverse old age.

Mind-boggling Natural Splendour

The natural surroundings of this particular resort are absolutely amazing. They have basically built the resort around the natural flow patterns of the water in the area.

This means for example, that you have a stream running into a man-made pool but the stream continues on from the other end of the pool taking its natural course.

There are a couple of pools in the resort that are like this and it is absolutely amazing. The landscaping and the eco-friendly design is absolutely world-class.

Hidden Valley Springs Resort rock pool

The landscaping of the whole resort is amazing but this was my favourite feature. The waterfalls are made from naturally flowing water that flows into this man-made pool and then out the other end as the stream continues.

All in all the total land area of Hidden Valley Springs Resort is around about 10 hectares. You can see that as much of the natural habitat has been preserved as possible.

This really is a hidden oasis in the rainforest, hence the name Hidden Valley Springs.

The Waterfall Is A Major Highlight

The highlight for me was the natural waterfall that is located deep in the forest toward the back corner of the resort. This only takes about 20 minutes to walk to and isn’t very difficult.

There are bamboo bridges helping you to navigate across some of the small ravines. The natural waterfall is approximately 10 – 15 metres high. It is a little difficult to negotiate your way upstream to get to the waterfall.

However, it can be done and it’s well worth the effort.

Hidden Valley Springs Resort waterfall

For me, the waterfall was the main feature of Hidden Valley Springs Resort. The water was so refreshing and we basically had it all to ourselves.

The good thing about Hidden Valley Springs Resort is that all of the facilities are very user-friendly. They have a restaurant there and some kiosks, as well as showers and changing facilities.

There is ample signage making it easy for you to navigate your way around the 10 hectares of forest. I heard that it is owned by Koreans but I’m not sure for a fact. Either way, they have done a fantastic job building this little oasis.

Accommodation is available

Hidden Valley Laguna does have various villas there for accommodation which range in price depending on how big the villa is, and where it is located. However, you are also able to do a day tour so there is no obligation to stay there.

As it is a private resort there is an entrance fee of about P2250 (at the time we went there). This actually includes a buffet lunch and afternoon tea. You also get to use all of the amenities including the showers and change rooms.

It’s actually not a bad deal when you consider the surroundings and the convenience offered.

Here is a glimpse of some of the villas that are available if you wish to stay for a night or more. Apparently, they also cater here for weddings.

It really is a great place for families and couples if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and do a day trip from Manila. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Hidden Valley Springs but I must say, I was very impressed.

We didn’t have a large group of people on this occasion but that didn’t matter. As far as I’m concerned they missed out on having a great time! You can also check out my Hidden Valley Springs video on YouTube by clicking here.

In my next blog, we go back to hiking and check out four different waterfalls set deep in the rainforest of Laguna. Make sure you keep your eyes open for this classic adventure.

Fast Facts:

Google Maps – Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs is about 80kms from Makati and is about a two-hour drive via SLEX and R3 highway. There are signs on the R3 highway at Alaminos for the turn-off, but you need to look out carefully.

There is a 7 Eleven and a Mercury Drug Store just near the turnoff. From Buendia in Makati or Pasay Terminal, you can take a bus bound for Lucena.

There are signs on the R3 highway at Alaminos for the turnoff, but you need to look out carefully. There is a 7 Eleven and a Mercury Drug Store just near the turnoff.

From there you need to go to the local market and look for the Apasan Terminal in which you then take a tricycle. The ride to Hidden Valley Springs is about 5kms and the cost is less than P100 per person.

Bring some swimming gear as you would be crazy to not partake of the beautiful, refreshing waters of the natural springs and falls. Hidden Valley Springs can easily be done as a day trip from Manila and is well worth the visit.

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