Enjoy The Magic Of Mariveles

Only a few hours outside Manila, in the Province of Bataan lies Mariveles one of the most magical of places in what is a country filled with wonder.

The Philippines is a country famed for its natural beauty and Mariveles is no exception to this rule. The beaches are spectacular. There are two that are especially noteworthy; Agwawan Beach and Sisiman Bay.

If it is spectacular sunsets that you are after then the pebble beach at Sisiman Bay is the place to be. Go up onto the cliffs which surround the ocean and take in the magnificence of unspoiled natural beauty.  

Seeking Solitude?

Agwawan Beach is also another unique place for those who want to search out solitude and refuge from the stresses of the concrete jungle that is Manila.

The ocean waves lap gently against the shore and allow those who are caught in the rat race to take a deep breath and enjoy unspoiled natural surroundings. It’s not the purest white sand beach, but who cares?

The West Coast of Mariveles is the perfect place to encounter the majesty of the ocean. Investigating this wonderful and unspoiled vita requires a short walking trip from a base in the area – but the rewards are magnificent.

The views seem to go on forever. It’s a trek that is well worth making. For those who want a walk on the wild side and are not afraid to hike to find natural splendour the Tarak Ridge at Mt. Mariveles is an excursion that is well worth the effort.

From the ridge, the views over Bataan, Manila Bay and the Islands of Corregidor well as Cavite are well worth the effort. Guided tours are available – but the well-marked trails invite groups to simply explore this wondrous place in the Bataan province.

Five Fingers?

Another place worth checking out is the strangely named (yet appropriate if you look at the map), is Five Finger Cove. I must admit, I haven’t been there – yet.

Apparently, you can only reach this place via boat and cant actually drive there. However, if you are in Mariveles, set aside some time to check this place out. As it requires a boat trip, make sure you allow yourself enough time. Of course, this depends on whether or not you’re doing a day trip, or an overnight/weekend trip.