Campomanes Bay is about is several minutes boat ride further south of Punta Ballo. Campomanes Bay, a former port area, is now a protected marine sanctuary full of diverse marine life including fish, coral and a couple of shipwrecks for the scuba diving enthusiasts.

As you enter Campomanes Bay, there are rugged, towering limestone cliffs, which I was reliably informed by a former geologist co-worker of mine, were formerly underwater coral formations. When you look closer, it’s easy to see how this could’ve occurred.


Campomanes Bay heading inward with the amazing limestone cliff formations and the Sipalay Eco Port in the foreground.


Campomanes Bay, a totally amazing view with very still waters and limestone rising up everywhere.

campomanes bay beach

The beach of Campomanes Bay isn’t the most pristine beach, but it’s clean and very peaceful with only local fisherman around.


Campomanes Bay heading out towards the Sulu Sea on glass-like water

How to get there

Philippine Airlines (PAL) fly to Bacolod from Manila daily five times a day with the flight taking approximately one hour, and they also fly to Dumaguete from Manila twice daily with the flight taking just over one hour.

Campamones Bay is in Sipalay which is approximately 175kms from Bacolod (four hours via car) and 170kms from Dumaguete (3.5 hours via car).

Ceres Bus Lines depart from Bacolod and Dumaguete and pass through Sipalay City, departing hourly. Fare one way is less then P300 and takes about 5 hours from Bacolod and Dumaguete, as Sipalay is almost exactly in between these two cities.

You can either drive or boat to Campamones Bay from Sipalay City, or even Punta Ballo. My recommendation would be to go by boat and enjoy the amazing water and scenery.

Dezza´s Tip

You can hire a boat from Punta Ballo to take you boating anywhere around the area. My recommendation is to hire a boat from Punta Ballo, go up to Poblacion in Sipalay City through all limestone islets in the cove, then back down past Punta Ballo to Campomones Bay, then down further to Balanban Point. Cost is about P1500 for a full day. Make sure you take an ice box for drinks and food.