Cabadbaran – Hidden Back Beach In Agusan Del Norte

Cabadbaran City is a sixth class city and provincial capital of Agusan Del Norte. I will keep this short as to be completely honest unless you were backpacking and wanting to cover the entire coast of the North Eastern part of Mindanao, you would really only pass through this place.

For me, I guess I was lucky enough through my family connections to spend an afternoon sitting by the sea in a fairly secluded “local” beach eating fresh seafood and fruit, whilst enjoying a bit of rum and the sea breeze. Although not the most spectacular beach with rocky pebbles instead of sand, it was a nice relaxing little part of the world.

Cabadbaran beach

I don’t even know if this beach has a name, but this is the nipa hut we stayed in for the afternoon whilst enjoying the serenity, the food and drink.

Cabadbaran Mount Hilong Hilong highest mountain in Caraga Region

Mount Hilong Hilong (background), with an altitude of 2,012 metres (6,601 ft), is the highest mountain in the Caraga Region.

How to get there

Philippine Airlines (PAL) fly to Surigao from Manila once daily and also fly to Butuan from Manila once daily. Flight time is just under 90 mins.


There are two alternatives to get to Cabadbaran City. One is to fly from Manila to Surigao and then take a bus which is approximately 90kms, or about a two hour bus ride.
The other option is to fly from Manila to Butuan and take a bus which is approximately 40kms, or just over an hour bus ride.

Dezza´s Tip

Unless you are visiting someone, or diligently trying to backpack around Mindanao, don’t go out of your way to go to Cabadbaran City as there isn’t really much to see or do there, and it certainly isn’t geared up for tourism at any level.