Balanban Point A Great Little Hidden White Sand Beach

Balanban Point is about fifteen minutes boat ride further south from Campomones Bay and whilst enjoying a day of island hopping, complimented with the consumption of a few beers, we stumbled across Balanban Point, which was a totally deserted inlet, almost like a lagoon, with white sand and swaying palm trees.

Balanban Point was eerily secluded with the only sign of life being a couple of dogs playing in the gentle waves lapping up on to the sand. This is the sort of place you would only do a half day tour. Unless of course,  you wanted to pitch a tent.

Amazing secluded beach

Sometimes at these normally secluded beaches, one might find a vendor selling candy and cigarettes. You may also find a few nipa huts and even some small homes with children playing on the beach. However, here, there was absolutely nothing. This was a little strange as this area was still part of the mainland of Negros Occidental, and is so beautiful, it was amazing that it wasn’t more populated.

Balanban Point totally secluded beach

Balanban Point, a peaceful and totally secluded beach which was almost like a lagoon.

Balanban Point totally secluded beach

Balanban Point – a totally secluded beach of total peace and serenity. Where are the tourists?

Balanban Point looking out to Sulu Sea

Balanban Point looking back out to the Sulu Sea with a solitary tree standing at the entrance to the cove.

How to get there

Philippine Airlines (PAL) fly to Bacolod from Manila daily five times a day with the flight taking approximately one hour, and they also fly to Dumaguete from Manila twice daily with the flight taking just over one hour.

Balanban point is accessible from Sipalay, which is approximately 175kms from Bacolod (four hours via car) and 170kms from Dumaguete (3.5 hours via car). However, you an only access it via boat. See my tips for more info.

Ceres Bus Lines depart from Bacolod and Dumaguete and pass through Sipalay City, departing hourly. Fare one way is less then P300 and takes about 5 hours from Bacolod and Dumaguete, as Sipalay is almost exactly in between these two cities.

It’s fairly easy to hire a local boat from Punta Ballo to take you island hopping around the area. You can stop and get out and swim, go snorkeling or cruise around, whatever tickles your fancy.

Dezza´s Tip

You can hire a boat from Punta Ballo to take you boating anywhere around the area. My recommendation is to hire a boat from Punta Ballo, go up to Poblacion in Sipalay City through all limestone islets in the cove, then back down past Punta Ballo to Campomones Bay, then down further to Balanban Point. Cost is about P1500 for a full day. Make sure you take an ice box for drinks and food.