The Beauty Of Bagac

Bagac is considered the biggest town in Bataan Province in terms of land area. The town was founded in 1873 and houses one of the oldest Catholic churches in the country – with “St. Catherine of Alexandria” as its patron saint.

It is an aquatic and agricultural area that is still totally underdeveloped.  The place is rich in natural resources and comes with pristine marine and coastal marvels.

The public market sells sumptuous exotic seafood to locals and foreigners. The sandy beaches and rugged mountains enhance the natural beauty of the city.

Development In Bagac

However, there is still so much more room for development! Bagac is located on the western side of Bataan – about 15kms  from Manila and about 30kms from Balanga – which is the provincial capital.

Bagac consists of a land area of 23,120 hectares – which represents 16.8% of the total Bataan area. When I went there, I came up from Mariveles (south on the peninsula). This means that from Manila, there is actually a more direct route to reach this area.

When I was driving from Mariveles to Bagac, the national highway connecting the two cities was still under development.

However, I  must say, compared to most of the infrastructure I have seen in this country, particularly in the provincial areas, there seems to be strong progress in what was happening.

Tourism set to take off in Bagac?

This is very encouraging when it comes to tourism in the future. You can check out Bagac via either land or sea. There are actually ferry boats travelling from Manila to Bagac and vice versa.

However, when I first visited Bagac, I was doing a road trip. I didn’t get to see the spectacular cliffs and mountains from the ocean however, I got to see the ocean from the land.

The coastline along here is quite rugged. It offers some fantastic views. It’s no wonder there are a number of developments happening in the area.

Bagac is blessed with such natural beauty it is only a matter of time until this place could (potentially) become overdeveloped. Therefore, I suggest you get to experience the natural beauty of Bagac before commercialisation takes over.