umbrella rocks agno pangasinan philippines

Umbrella Rocks – One Of Natures Great Works

In the province of Pangasinan, there is another quiet, sleepy little town named Agno. We only passed through Agno on our way to Tambabong in Dasol, so didn’t really get to see much of it. We were on a mission to visit the famous Umbrella Rocks in Sabangan, down on the coast. If it wasn’t for this, we would probably wouldn’t have gone through Agno.

Umbrella Rocks are large boulders that are mushroom-shaped and take their name due to their appearance. They are very popular with the locals, and like most places around this region; it was bereft of foreign tourists. As we went there during Easter, the place was packed with locals. There were numerous families camping along the beach, enjoying barbeques and family time.

Volcanic sand beach

The beach itself isn’t one of the best beaches I have been to, as the sand, although fine and powdery, is volcanic. This meant that it took on a greyish brown colour which isn’t so spectacular when it comes to photos. However, considering the people traffic, it was a surprisingly clean beach.

Aside from the beach, and Umbrella Rocks, one of the features of this place is the Balincaguin River which snakes it’s way along the Agno-Bani Scenic Road until it meets the South China Sea. Typical of most provincial towns, there are also plenty of rice fields and rolling hills, which creates a beautiful and relaxing landscape.

umbrella rocks agno pangasinan philippines Panoramic shot of these mushrooms shaped limestone karsts on Sabangan Beach, truly mind-boggling
umbrella rocks agno pangasinan philippines

The famous Umbrella Rocks, which apparently, looks more like a mushroom than an umbrella. Regardless of what they look like, they are still very unique.

umbrella rocks agno pangasinan philippines

A look at the Sulu Sea through the rocks. Some of these rock formations are fascinating.

How to get there

From Makati to Agno it’s about 300kms, which can take over five hours, depending on the traffic. You can get there via the NLEX and SCTEX, through Alaminos (One Hundred Islands), and then onto Agno.

From Pasay City, you can get a bus straight to Alaminos (with a couple of stopovers on the way). That can take up to seven hours depending on traffic, and the cost for a round trip is just under P1,000. Once you arrive in Alaminos (One Hundred Islands), you can take a bus bound for Agno which will take about one hour and cost less than P200.

Dezza´s Tip

Agno isn’t worth making a special trip for, and should be tied in with a trip to Bolinao, time permitting. If you are feeling adventurous, there are a few places to camp at Umbrella Rocks.

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